Must-Know The Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2020 To Promote Your Brand Digitally

Top 10 Digital Marketing Trends of 2020-TechnoRabble

Digital Marketing is a synonym for marketing by the most advanced trends. If you left behind in the race of new trends, well your consumers will leave you too.

In the upcoming year, a lot of changes are going to take place on Digital platforms. Some new trends are all set to enter the market whereas some old-golds are again going to rock. Follow the given fresh as well as ongoing Digital Marketing trends in 2020 and get more engagements with existing and new customers for your brand.

1) Streaming Ad and Live videos –

Video content is most popular among all the other ways of digital marketing. It’s not new but never gonna be an old trend.

People love to stay longer on the site with informative, interesting and professional-quality videos. The engagement rate on videos is increasing day-by-day and the maximum number of people get aware of a product or service by only this means of digital marketing.

Well, not just ad videos but live videos (Facebook Live, Instagram Live or YouTube Live or Live on your site) are appreciated by viewers too. As live videos are something raw and real, and also offer direct communication with brands.

2) Optimization for Voice Search –

People always looking for the easiest way to do anything and yeah, voice search is something that makes their job simple. It’s better to say what you want than to type the keywords. And in 2020, it’s expected that 50% of people will use digital assistants to search their queries. It is easy to access and thus chosen by maximum people.  Hence, it’s high time to optimize your website for voice search and to stay ahead of the curve.

3) Make use of Micro-Moments –

To become a strong brand you have to recognize the needs of your consumers in their ‘Micro-Moments’. The term introduced by Google that expresses the moments when people turn to their smartphones to take action on whatever they require or want right away.

Be ready to take full advantage of this trend and make your brand a successful one in 2020. Create strategies to show a relevant ad at the right time, as people make the instant decision you also have to be quick at their micro-moments.

4) Be Available on Social Media Stories –

Nowadays, stories on social media create more engagement than any post. This trend of stories is ongoing and will also stay in the upcoming year. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and now YouTube has also this feature.

Consumers involve with it more as it appears for a limited period and helps brands to show behind the scene or uncooked contents. Furthermore, it helps brands to know the opinion of the consumers by adding opinion polls and also allows people to ask any queries related to the brand directly.  These are the tactics to engage people and also to generate traffic on the website. However, it is helpful for the customers too.

5) Jump to Micro-Influencers –

Undoubtedly influencer marketing has been a strongly effective trend from past years. People adore their idol, follow them, influenced by them and by their style as well. And somewhere it becomes a blessing for the brands as they collaborate with the celebs to promote their product or service.

But, what do you think it’s as easy as it seems??? Wake up, big influencers are not waiting for your brand to promote. They are already overloaded with the offers plus an expensive option for the not so big brands.

Here, micro-influencers steal the limelight. It is similar to influencer marketing but on a small scale and brands are going to rely more on them more in 2020. Micro-influencers have a better and more genuine engagement rate and they communicate personally to each of their followers.

6) Send Direct Messages –

Message your customers via messaging apps or DM them on social media is become the most productive way of interaction. Brands already commenced this trend and will continue it next year for marketing.

It builds a healthy relationship between you and your customers. People directly contact with your business to ask any query or addressing complaints. On the other hand, it is also the simplest way of taking sales orders.

7) Use the Chatbots –

Anyone from any corner of the world can visit your website and it is quite difficult to be available for them all the time. In this situation, brands are taking the help of chatbots to interact with their customers as well as website visitors. The trend of using chatbots in marketing is appreciated by everyone and thus it makes space for itself in 2020.

Chatbots is not a human but software that work like a human. It communicates with the people in real-time and solves their queries verbally or through chatting. Chatbots are cost-effective and save time and beneficial for both the brand and its consumers.

8) Value Personalization Marketing –

Well, 90% of the brands going to take advantage of this trend in 2020. Personalization marketing means promoting a product or service based on the consumer’s interest. People are not at all interested in the ads different from their requirements.

If you want to gain the trust of your customers and make a strong bond with them, this the fittest option for you. Analyze customer’s behaviors by their purchase history or data collection or assumption and make individualized content.

If you show your consumers the products of their interest it automatically increases engagement on your website.

9) Keep Content Stronger –

Content Marketing is the boss of all the trends and thoroughly ready to rule the platforms again. Your all the efforts will fail when content is not the strongest player. 

To make your brand reachable to the maximum number of people and to generate the highest engagement rates on your website, take your content seriously first. Creativity and deliverability of your content should be unique and interactive. Your customers appreciate your brand only when videos, blog posts or social media posts are relevant and engaging.

10) Create Shoppable Posts –

Creating shoppable posts should be your resolution this new year. As the trend is going to grow than ever before, brands must be aware and take benefit of this ASAP.  It may become the top digital marketing trend in 2020.

Taking your social media followers to your website for selling your product is not difficult anymore. Customers easily shop their favorite products directly from your social media platforms by shoppable posts. The sale of your product increases as the trend creates less and simple steps for your shoppers.

Pack your bags and be ready for the ride of promoting your brand. Go after the given top digital marketing trends in 2020 and it will definitely ease your journey. Good Luck and Happy New Year in advance. 

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