SEO in 2019: What all you need to rank your website on Google

We all know that SEO is one of the smartest ways to make a website rank faster in search engines, but there are many changes implemented by Google and other search engines over the last years.

There are great new things happening in the SEO industry that forces webmasters to think twice before initiating website promotion activities. The naked truth is only top-level software engineers who work for Google, knows how spiders and web crawlers work, but the rest people like us know very less.

There are times when people get curious and depressed when they come to know that Google is going to update something new and this going to harm their website. They won’t know when they fall short of the web race and land on the 20th page of Google. Hence, as an SEO specialist, it becomes your task to know the latest updates that Google is rolling in 2019.

Well, I came across an article just a few days ago where I found, deleting current web pages and updating it with a new one will help to rank better. Optimizing your website with best technical search engine optimization methods will be the best approach.

Deleting pages? Oh no! This was a bit crazy for me, as the current pages took hours to build. However, Google sometimes takes time to index website content, particularly when your website is a fresh one. Hence, as a digital marketer, it becomes crucial for you to understand the ways to drag search engine robots to index your website and rank it in the best manner.

Well, after long hours of investigation on that article, I appreciated the author and make it clear to everyone that in order to deal with the index stuff; you should first have quality contents on your website. Content marketing has become the synonym for SEO.

You must be aware of index bloat.  It is when a website holds an ample of poor quality website pages that are indexed by Google and other search engines. It’s like when someone eats too much, vomiting is the consequence; hence, duplicate and irrelevant contents should be removed from the website.

Without awareness on index bolt, it will be difficult for you. What does your XML sitemap speak about your web map? Does your website hold lots of content that is irrelevant? If so, you need to fix it without delay. Indexable good quality contents should be your first priority.

As a search engine optimization expert, you should figure out the roadblocks and remove it as quickly as you can. Index bloat has many negative effects that you need to know before ranking your website.  Let no ability to stop in raking your website. So, as an SEO and digital marketer always follow Google guidelines to make your ranking faster and better in 2019.

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