Here Is What You Should Know About The Basics Of Digital Marketing

Here Is What You Should Know About The Basics Of Digital Marketing

A new marketing term is trending in the market since the last 4-5 years. The term is Digital Marketing and used as the synonym for promoting the business on the internet.

If you will talk to people and ask them about digital marketing, they will answer the website, application, social media, or Google. Because they are not aware of the basics of Digital Marketing.

Here, we will decode each and every aspect of Digital marketing starting from the basic definition.

What is Digital Marketing?

Marketing has always been about connecting with customers through the right medium. When we say right medium, we mean customers availability on different platforms.

The term ‘Digital Marketing’ is a combination of two different words Digital and Marketing. So, the marketing tactics of promoting a product/service/business or personality with the use of digital medium or digital technology is termed as Digital Marketing.

We can also say that the use of electronic devices or the internet to promote a product/service/brand/ or personality is Digital Marketing.

Marketing with the use of the digital medium is not something new, it started with radio. You should ask your grandparents about the advertisements they used to listen to Radio in the old days.

Now these days, the internet is the most powerful digital technology. So when marketers talk about digital marketing they mostly mean to promote a business on the internet. You can say that internet marketing is the most important part of digital marketing.

Channels Of The Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is a combination of different channels. Every channel has its own features. It is very much important to know about these channels to understand internet marketing.

1. Website

Website is your registered place on the internet where you provide all your necessary business details to your customers.

Basically, the website is your business office in the internet world. You need to buy a domain name (the business name for internet) and space (Hosting) to create a website.  Your customer will visit your office and get every detail they need. They can also contact you via phone, e-mail, or direct with the help of your website.

2. Search Engine

 A search engine is a collection of a large database. It collects data from different content publishers on the world wide web. It receives the search command in the form of keywords. There are many search engines on the internet. But the most popular one with the biggest database is Google.

For Example, If you search for the Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi then Google will send its crawlers to search for the websites which have the information related to the keyword ‘Digital Marketing Agencies in Delhi’. Google crawlers will find the websites that have enough suitable information for the related keyword and show them in the search results. This whole process happens in a second.

There are two methods to promote a business on the internet:

  i) Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an organic method of promotion on the search engine. You need to provide the most valuable information related to the keywords of your niche with the best user experience to rank on top of the search engine result.

ii)   Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing also is known as PPC (Pay Per Click) is a paid method of promotion on the search engine. You target your audience on the search engine as per your keywords and the Search Engine charge you cost/click for the result.

 3. Social Media

Websites or Applications that allows people to share their emotions with one other and connect virtually are termed as social media. Sharing of emotions is done with the help of content that may be texts, images, or videos. These platforms are one of the most used and popular websites/application on the internet.

Here are some of the most Popular Social Media Platforms in the World:

i)  Facebook

iii)  Twitter

iv) Instagram

v) LinkedIn

vi) Snapchat

vii) TikTok

Viii) YouTube

4. E-mails

E-mails or electronic mails are registered mailing address of the person on the internet. People can connect with each other directly for the conversation with the use of e-mails.

E-mails are now necessary to use various functions on the internet without any disturbance. People use e-mails for important works like banking information, e-registrations etc. So, everyone who uses the internet has an e-mail address.

E-mails are the best way to connect with a customer on the internet because it makes direct connections between the customers and the brand. If a brand has a large number of the customer database, it can share all its information to the customer directly.

Why do you need to market your business on the internet?

You want to open a restaurant. You will choose a famous area with lots of crowds so that you get customers easily.

To promote your restaurant, you will buy the billboard ad at the place which gets maximum footfalls so to get maximum eyeballs on your restaurant.

So, It’s about the availability of people. You open your restaurant and place your ads where maximum people are available.

Here is the data from research by ‘Hootsuite‘ and ‘We are Social‘ about the availability of people on the internet. Have a look and you will know, why you should market your business on the internet.

Now, Your doubt would be clear about the strength of the internet. If you are not doing internet marketing then you are missing the golden chance of growing your business.

How should you promote your business on the internet?

Promoting a business on the internet is not about creating business profiles on all the platforms and publishing a lot of sales content. It needs research and planning. It means showing the right content to the right audience.

First, You should define your target audience. Open an excel sheet and list down everything you know about your customer. Write down your customer’s demography, behaviour, and interests.

Second, Do some research and find out where your customers are available. On which channel they are more active and list down the channels in primary and secondary categories.

Third, Understand the content consuming behaviour of your customers. Find out about the types of content they show their interest mostly. You must have a better idea about the content because it rules the internet world.

Four, produce content that provides value to your audience. You should not push sales until your customers have trust in you or your brand. When your customers will have faith in you or your brand, they will buy your products or services.

Thanks for reading this blog! We are trying to provide you with valuable information about internet marketing. Feel free to share your feedback in the comment section.

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