Here are the top ‘Nine-Fine’ ways to promote your Instagram Page in 2020

9 Best Instagram Growth Hacks For 2020

From mere photos and videos sharing platform to audience building tool. Instagram has become the world’s biggest social networking service. The little pink box is full of creativity and ideas of marketing and brand promotion.

If you are also looking for promotion ideas on Instagram and searching for the insane amount of audience for your brand. Follow the given top 9 ways and become the next Influencer.

i) Work on your Bio:

The very basic thing to gain followers is to let them be clear about your brand. And here your Bio plays the major role. Keep your bio informative and relatable to your brand, so that anyone can easily understand what they will found from your feed.

To make your bio involving it must include a very short description of the page with branding hashtags and a link to your website. Don’t forget to change the link with the freshest and current content of the website.

ii) Be Careful with the Content. It will make you or break you:

Instagram has become a content marketing platform so be always picky with your content. And to make your page engaging with the content, you should follow the pointers given below:

  • Increase the production of the content. Try to publish at least one or two content in a day
  • Every picture paints a thousand words and on the Instagram picture is a key for audience building. So use good quality images with a classic touch of colours.  
  • Post entertaining and meaningful videos which engage the audience till the end
  • Be creative and expressive with your Caption. It’s okay if the caption is lengthy but if it is interestingly written people would love to read it.

iii) Proper Use of Hashtags

Instagram is a game of hashtags, using appropriate hashtags will increase your reach and your followers organically. Hashtagging is the most beneficial way of promotion. Always go with branded and appropriate hashtags related to your post. 

Avoid over hashtagging and do not use meaningless tags, otherwise, your post will look like a jumble. 

(Note- Hashtags are not effective in Private Accounts)

iv) Share the posts on other social media platforms:

Engagement rates for brands are highest on Instagram compared with any other social media platform. But as we know ‘enough’ is a ‘myth’ and especially when we talk about brand promotion. So share all of your posts on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. It generates more engagement which automatically increases reliable followers of the brand. 

v) Use the Features Righteously

Instagram regularly introduces exciting features and if you know their right use, the people will adore connecting with your content. 

  • Daily post amazing stories regarding promotional updates or publish user-generated content. Stories need no editing and fans often go through it for the updates
  • Make not too long IGTV videos 
  • Go live regularly

Always be updated with new features and use them uniquely.  

vi) Interact with your Audience:

Value your audience so that they value your brand. It is impossible to interact with everyone but try to connect some of them daily. Clear their doubts and reply to them in the comment box, like their comments, repost their brand promotional content and thank them, also ask them for the new ideas. 

vii) Stand Out from the crowd:

If you don’t want to participate in the rat race then you have to build your uncomparable empire. Find different clever promotional ideas that are not used by any other brand. Create your own style of promotion and make the unique theme of your page so that whosoever opens your profile once can’t stop themselves to follow your brand.

viii) Collaborate with Influencers and other Brands:

People prefer to follow and listen to their favourite influencers or brands on Instagram. That’s why Influencer marketing is at peak nowadays and better than other marketing sources. 

Try to build a healthy relationship with the right influencers or similar brand accounts with a huge followers list and collaborate with them. 

Influencer marketing is normally paid but the best way to promote your brand to reach new audiences. 

ix) Run Campaigns and Contests Regularly:

Campaigns and contests promotion results in an unexpected amount of engagement on the page. People love to engage with the page that constantly running contests (Afterall everyone loves free goodies). Run campaigns and ask followers to tag their friends, or to share your post and offers them goodies so that they choose to participate.  

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